Re: [xsl] Could not select the text() of both parent & child nodes simultaneously

Subject: Re: [xsl] Could not select the text() of both parent & child nodes simultaneously
From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 15:34:38 +0100
On 16/06/2010 15:19, Jack Bush wrote:
Hi David& Michael,

I am very new to XML development, not to mention about XSLT and hesitates to move to version 2.0 for 3 reasons:

( i ) 1.0 is sufficient for what I need to do but there is bound to be better ways to do it in 2.0.

<Saxon 9 never executes XSLT 1, It only executes XSLT 2. If you give it an XSLt 1 stylesheet it tries to emulate XSLT 1, but that is not the same thing.<Furthermore the stylesheet you posted was inconsistent as it claimed at the top to be XSLT 1 but it used XSLT2 constructs which would generate an error<if used with an XSLT 1 processor.

Looks like I am using XSLT 2 processor without realizing but not making use of its new functionalities yet.

You are using them though. Your sample code has
which is an XPath 2 expression, It would be a syntax error to have a function call in that position in XPath 1.

( ii ) XPath& XSLT 2.0 comes at a cost for recent release of Saxon licensing models.

<No it does not. The system you are using is free, open source, and implements XSLT 2. The last version of saxon to implement xslt 1 was saxon 6.5.

My understanding on recent installation manual was the open source version ( - Saxon9 Home Edition?
) does not support XPath/XSLT features. This download does not have Path/XSLT jars such as saxon9-xpath.jar, saxon9-jdom.jar supplied in Saxon 9.1. Otherwise, please provide the correct link to download Saxon9 Home Edition.

It is not schmea aware, but that is not the same as saying it does not implement xslt2 the xslt 2 spec explitly defines two types of processors schema aware and basic. Also (from 9.2 onwards, as a purely commercial aspect unrelated to which language level is implemented the free one (now called home edition as you say) doesn't support extension functions to the same extent as the commercial version (or earlier versions of saxon's open source release such as 9.1)

( iii ) Believes that a schema/DTD is required by the stylesheet. Not familiar with how to set it up yet.

<I'm not sure what you mean by this, but probably it is a misunderstanding.

How to turn off type checking in XSLT 2.0 by updating<xsl:stylesheet version="2.0" (line 2) to prevent the following exception from occurring:

   Error on line 83
   XPTY0004: Cannot compare java-type:definition.Sport to xs:string

How did you get a java typed value into xpath in the first place? You must have been using some saxon-specifc API.

The type checking did not take place when<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0".

This is a Java Application and would like to keep as much core definition in Java and only use XSLT for transformation purposes.

Back to the original question, what is the XPath statement in XSLT to get the content of both<a> (team) and<p> (goals) at the sametime?

<As I said in my first reply, the source that you posted is clearly not the source you used (as it is not XML) so I can not guess what code you need to<process your original source. The source you posted<would generate a fatal XML parse error before the XSLT engine started. <If you post a well formed XML source and say what you want it to be converted to, then I'm sure someone will tell you the code you need.

Here goes the actual code as best as I could put it:

this version is well formed 9apart from the missing </html> but all the team names are in a so you just want <xsl:for-each select="ns:a"> again it's hard to gues swhat code you need given no example input but judging by earlier commenst it seems sometimes the team isn't in a so perhaps you want
<xsl:for-each select="ns:p/text()|ns:p/ns:a">

together with an xsl;strip-space eleements="*" to get rid of indentation space for you. But that is only a guess, given no input to test it on.


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