Re: [xsl] use-when

Subject: Re: [xsl] use-when
From: Andriy Gerasika <andriy.gerasika@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2010 00:23:36 +0200
On 12/10/2010 01:55 AM, G. Ken Holman wrote:
At 2010-12-10 01:43 +0200, Andriy Gerasika wrote:
I cannot figure out how to use use-when attribute, beyond standard
"system-property('file-separator')" example.

That is the only context of using it, as those are the only properties defined when the use-when= attributes are evaluated.

Have you yet tried using modes for your problem?

Yes, I use modes extensively

but what I need, is to separate static portion of xpath to use-when, both for speed and readability purposes, conditions can be quite complex:
<xsl:template match="some-xpath1" use-when="$first-config-option=('A','B') or $another-config-option='C'">

where config options are set on TransformerFactory level

any ideas?

<xsl:when test="$file-set='A'">
<xsl:apply-templates mode="file-set-A"/>
<xsl:when test="$file-set='B'">
<xsl:apply-templates mode="file-set-B"/>
<xsl:when test="$file-set='C'">
<xsl:apply-templates mode="file-set-C"/>


<xsl:template match="some-xpath1" mode="file-set-A">
<xsl:template match="some-xpath2" mode="file-set-B">
<xsl:template match="some-xpath3" mode="file-set-C">

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