[xsl] apply-templates xslt extension question

Subject: [xsl] apply-templates xslt extension question
From: ac <ac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2010 22:07:52 -0500

Couldn't apply-templates also accept node content, in addition to parameters and sorts, to provide better built-in streaming and parallelization support, as if one had:
<xsl:apply-templates mode="def">
<xsl:apply-templates mode="abc"/>
</xsl: apply-templates>
where, for example the inner invocation would apply-templates to the children of the context node as usual, and the result of that could be streamed directly to the outer invocation. Of course, this could be nested to any required level (as well as to provide support for inner (e.g. local) node construction). Instead of having to store the result of an invocation to a variable or parameter, before applying the second invocation, without need for, and in addition to, possible external pipelines, and with greater potential optimization, parallelization, and streaming?

I understand that many others must have proposed this before, but, at least, I would be happy to better understand the related rationale.

Thank you.


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