[xsl] xmlns="" added to output

Subject: [xsl] xmlns="" added to output
From: "Thomas, Jackie R Jr CTR USAF AFMC ESC/HGGI" <Jackie.Thomas.Ctr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 13:48:29 -0500
I use an XSLT to transform an XML document output from a program into an XML
document that will match an XML schema.   Some of the original XML is copied
as is, some is thrown out and some is altered in some way in order for the
final document to validate against the schema.   This XSLT, and others like
it, have worked fine for several years in a WAS 5 and then WAS 6 environment,
but now, in WAS 7, the XML tags that are just copied as is, have xmlns="" in
them.   Tags that are actually being transformed in some way are still fine.

Example, a tag that was returned as <GEOLOCCode>MHMV</GEOLOCCode> is now
returned as
<GEOLOCCode xmlns="">MHMV</GEOLOCCode> and thus won't validate against the
schema which causes errors.

Our WAS 6.1 environment uses the XSLT4J processor and the WAS 7 environment
uses the XL TXE-J processor.  Is the different processor the problem?  Below
is how I copy the entire original XML document to the new document:

Then, I use template matches to either delete unwanted tags or modify tags.
Anything that isn't deleted or modified is left copied into the new document
as is.  Examples:

Delete a tag: <xsl:template match="Fuel"/>
Modify a tag: <xsl:template

Any idea on how I can overcome this problem?

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