Re: [xsl] testing preceding sibling always evaluates true

Subject: Re: [xsl] testing preceding sibling always evaluates true
From: Hank Ratzesberger <hankr@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2011 20:15:26 -0700
Thank you Michael.

I just received the 4th edition (it really is hardbound!)
so I could check if anything had changed, but on p. 602 :

 There are three kinds of expressions in XPath 2.0 whose result
 is guaranteed to be a sequence of nodes in document order...

  o Any axis step (even and axis step like <preceding-sibling::*> that
    uses a reverse axis delivers its results in forwards document order)

But, reading on... p. 618

 In effect, the predicate operator <[]> has a higher precedence (it
 binds more tightly) than the path operator </>

That's a bit subtle, but OK, now I know, XPath has an evaluation
precedence to consider.


On 07/29/2011 11:19 AM, Michael Kay wrote:

I believe the issue is (and I would like some clarification), is that axis steps always return nodes in document order so


will always return the first paragraph with its TableCaption child.

I believe the work around for this, to collect the nodes in search
order, is to make them a set,


No this is wrong. preceding-sibling::w:p[1] selects the most recent w:p
element (the last in document order), whereas
(preceding-sibling::w:p)[1] selects the first in document order.

Michael Kay

Louis (Hank) Ratzesberger

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