[xsl] Calling C++ from XSLT

Subject: [xsl] Calling C++ from XSLT
From: Franck Houssen <fh_p@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2011 19:10:54 +0100
Hello xsl-list,

Is it possible to call a C++ code (or function) from an XSLT sheet ? If yes,
do you know some tutorial / guide / user manual dealing with this topic ?
A subsidiary question : is it possible to trigger system calls from an XSLT
sheet ? (to trigger the execution of a C++ program)

I'am experienced in programming (C++, Java) but I'am new to XML / XSLT

Starting from w3c.org, I started to find out more about XSLT. Then, I found
the mulberrytech web site and I decided to post this question !...

Here is my need :

1. step 1 : I have text files and binary datas (little or big endian)
generated by C++, Java or Fortran (on Windows or Unix OS) that I need to sort

2. step 2 : to sort datas, I believed XSLT could be the suited solution
(avoiding writing a painfull-to-write-and-maintian-C++ code to sort datas)

3. step 3 : when sorting with XSLT, I need to call C++ (Java, Fortran, ...) to
read binary data to know how to handle them and which transformation should be
applied (according to associated text files)

Could you give me a solution ? Some clue ? A link to some documentation ? A
book ? Or anything that could help me ?!...
If you can't help me, could you forward this mail to somebody that could help
me ?



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