Re: [xsl] node kind of result tree

Subject: Re: [xsl] node kind of result tree
From: Michael Sokolov <sokolov@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 17:33:18 -0500
On 1/21/2013 5:16 PM, David Carlisle wrote:

would produce a sequence of two documents, as I understand it


No. Each of the copy-of would copy a sequence of element nodes, the template will make an implicit (single) document node to hold the combined sequence of element nodes.


Ah, thanks David - I must have been confused. Somewhere I seemed to remember having to deal with the possibility that an XSL transformation could produce a sequence. Yes, here it is in the javadoc of JDOMResult:

 * A holder for an XSL Transformation result, generally a list of nodes
 * although it can be a JDOM Document also. As stated by the XSLT 1.0
 * specification, the result tree generated by an XSL transformation is not
 * required to be a well-formed XML document. The result tree may have "any
 * sequence of nodes as children that would be possible for an
 * element node".

Can you place that in proper perspective for us? Under what circumstances would we expect to get a sequence of nodes (not a document) from XSLT?


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