Re: [xsl] Map functions in XSLT 3.0 static expressions?

Subject: Re: [xsl] Map functions in XSLT 3.0 static expressions?
From: "Abel Braaksma (Exselt)" <abel@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2014 17:10:26 +0100
Hi Tony,

I raised bug #24521 last month against a similar issue, see

Though the resolution to that bug does not solve the start the sentence
below, there is overlap in the definition of "core functions" with "The
core functions defined in [Functions and Operators]", which is no longer
true. As the resolution of that bug shows, the math:* and map:*
functions, as well as constructor functions are also allowed.

My take on this is that both math and map functions are allowed, as well
as constructor functions, but not XSLT functions, except for the ones
mentioned in that definition.

I would suggest you to raise a bug against the specification for this
particular instance of the use of the term core functions.

Oh wait, it is already there, I raised it recently in bug #24970: But it is not
explicit to your specific case. I will add it to that bug.


Abel Braaksma
Exselt XSLT 3.0 processor

On 25-3-2014 15:43, Tony Graham wrote:
> I'm having trouble seeing if or how the XSLT 3.0 map functions [1] are
> allowed in static expressions [2].
> The 'Statically known function signatures' are:
>    The core functions defined in [Functions and Operators],
>    together with the functions element-available,
>    function-available, type-available, and system-property
>    defined in this specification, plus the set of extension
>    functions that are present in the static context of
>    every XPath expression (other than a use-when expression)
>    within the content of the element that is the parent of
>    the use-when attribute.
> Maps are defined in XSLT 3.0, not in 'Functions and Operators, and
> functions defined in the XSLT spec are explicitly not extension functions
> [3], so are the map functions allowed in static expressions?
> Regards,
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> [1]
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