[xsl] Saxon unix script command line not finding stylesheet even though it exists

Subject: [xsl] Saxon unix script command line not finding stylesheet even though it exists
From: "Catherine Wilbur cwilbur@xxxxxxxxxxx" <xsl-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2014 21:50:57 -0000
What would cause the following error to occur

Stylesheet file  -xsl:/usr/local/finesrv/erp/jdedwardsoneworld/cron/
LibrXML2CSV_stylesheet.xsl does not exist

when I call the Saxon processor.  The stylesheet  file actually exists in 
the directory specified.

Is it because I have not done the following to my stylesheet as specified 
on listserv yesterday?
        $ chmod ugo+x LibrXML2CSV_stylesheet.xsl

Code I put in my Unix Script
# Set up data file directories
# =====================================

# 5) Convert Library A/P Interface file from XML to CSV
# If the file exists then convert XML file to a CSV file
# ==================================================================
if [ -s $FinesrvDataDir/Library_Invoice_Interface.xml ]
    # Initialize Java Environment
    # Change the directory to execute the Java SAXON-HE XSL Processor to 
convert XML file to CSV
    # ==================================================================
    cd $FinesrvJavaDir
    #. /usr/java5/bin/xxxx???

    # Saxon-HE (home edition) is an open source version of processor 
written in Java.
    # Saxon XSL processor will execute the  stylesheet
    # The stylesheet specifies the specific rules as to how the XML file 
is to be converted.
    # This command below is used to call the Saxon processor
    # java -jar:/classpath/saxon9he.jar -s:/classpath/InputFile.xml 
-xsl:/classpath/stylesheet.xsl -o:/classpath/OutputFile.csv
    # ==================================================================
    java -cp $FinesrvSaxonDir/saxon9he.jar net.sf.saxon.Transform \ 
    # 6) Remove XML Library A/P Interface file
    # Remove XML file once it is converted
    # =====================================
    #rm $FinesrvDataDir/Library_Invoice_Interface.xml

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