Re: [xsl] How do I set up my Saxon call to update/pass back a log file

Subject: Re: [xsl] How do I set up my Saxon call to update/pass back a log file
From: "Hank Ratzesberger xml@xxxxxxxxxxxx" <xsl-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2015 17:01:04 -0000
Hi Catherine,

do you mean the shell variable that is the status of the last executed
command? ( $? in bash shell)

This seems like a quick explanation:

Sounds like you need to save the standard out and error to a log so
you can evaluate the specific Saxon error:

host# /usr/java5/bin/java ... &>out.log

I can't find the errors that Saxon (through the java runtime) will
return (maybe anything but 0), but the full error code, in the
standard error output, is explained here:

You could have out.log mailed to you or grepped for the status.
Otherwise, it would take a java class to configure Saxon and evaluate,
as Michael suggests.



On Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 6:47 AM, Catherine Wilbur cwilbur@xxxxxxxxxxx
<xsl-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Michael Kay (you indicated the following)
> Can you define "does not work properly"? Is it synonymous with "fails with a
> dynamic error?
> Saxon does pass a simple return code back to the shell when a static or
> dynamic error occurs, and of course it does allow you to redirect standard
> error output to a file.
> But I'm afraid if I were attempting something like this, I wouldn't put the
> logic in a shell script, I would put it in a Java application. Your mileage
> may vary.
> From the following call
>     /usr/java5/bin/java -cp $SAXON_JAR net.sf.saxon.Transform
> -s:$FinesrvDataDir/Library_Invoice_Interface.xml
> -xsl:$FinesrvCronDir/LibrXML2CSV_stylesheet.xsl
> -o:$FinesrvDataDir/Library_Invoice_Interface.csv
> Would like to pass an error back to my shell script.  The error would be
> because we did not code something properly or the fact we made an assumption
> regarding the XML file and now that section that was supposed to appear at
> least once does not exist (that is what happened).  We submit all of our
> production using cron jobs using shell scripts so they want me to trap the
> error in my shell script and send a message out to the individuals that need
> to look at fixing the problem.  I would not even know how to set up a Java
> application to set this up.  Have written Java code for batch programs but I
> am just a novice in this area.  Would be very interested in learning how to
> set it up in a Java application.
> So was wondering how to set up the Saxon call so I can pass a log file back
> and a return code.    If an error appears then I need to send out a msg.
> Searched the web for the options available from net.sf.saxon call.
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