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> Priscilla,
> Do you know if the VAT is waived for non-UK participants, or is it applied
to everyone since the product is being consumed (so to speak) on site?
> Both the Publishing With XML and XSLT and XQuery courses are attractive,
though time & budget may not cooperate.
> David Sewell
> University of Virginia Press
> On Thu, 4 Jun 2015, Priscilla Walmsley pwalmsley@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Hello,
>> We have announced the program for the XML Summer School, which takes place
>> September 13 - 18 in Oxford, UK.
>> The XSLT and XQuery course may be of particular interest.  It is an
>> intermediate to advanced course with the goal of helping developers who
>> currently using XSLT to be more effective and efficient.  It's a great
>> opportunity to spend some time with XSLT and XQuery experts like Michael
>> Kay, Florent Georges and Adam Retter (and me!).  The classes are:
>> - XSLT and XQuery Performance Workshop (taught by Michael Kay)
>> - Refactoring XSLT (taught by Priscilla Walmsley)
>> - Querying XML Databases with XQuery (taught by Adam Retter)
>> - XSLT 3.0 and XQuery 3.0 (taught by Florent Georges)
>> There is also quite a lot of XSLT in the Hands-on Web Publishing course
>> slightly less experienced XSLT developers. Taught by Norm Walsh, Peter
>> Flynn, Lauren Wood and Matt Patterson, the classes teach practical methods
>> for transforming both XML and Word documents to HTML, ePub and other
>> formats.
>> Of course, the rest of the curriculum and faculty are excellent also. You
>> can find out more at:
>> http://xmlsummerschool.com/curriculum-2015/
>> Consider travelling to the beautiful town of Oxford this summer to further
>> advance your XSLT skills and socialize with people with the same interests
>> and challenges in a relaxed setting.
>> Please feel free to contact me if you have any question about the
>> or the Summer School in general.  Hope to see you there!
>> Priscilla
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