[xsl] including multiple files

Subject: [xsl] including multiple files
From: "Birnbaum, David J djbpitt@xxxxxxxx" <xsl-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2015 22:15:06 -0000
Dear XSL-list,

I fear that this may be a blind spot, or perhaps just a Bad Idea, but I'm
developing an XSLT application that I'd like to modularize by creating a
series of smaller stylesheets that I can include with <xsl:include>. There
will eventually be several dozen of them, the exact inventory will change
over the course of development, and I didn't want to have to list them all
individually, with separate <xsl:include> statements for each one. I
thought it should be possible to simplify the process by putting all of
the subsidiary stylesheets into a subdirectory, addressing it from within
the main one with collection(), and iterating over the members of that
collection to pass the URL of each one to <xsl:include
href="somethingOrOther"/>. In this way, each time the transformation was
run, the main stylesheet would include whatever it found in the
subdirectory at run time.

I'm stumbling, though, because 1) <xsl:include> must be top-level and 2) I
can't iterate with <xsl:for-each> at the top level.

Can anyone point to a strategy that would let me <xsl:include> multiple
smaller stylesheets into a larger one without having to create a separate
explicit <xsl:include> element for each of them?



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