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I'll keep this link.

One question in general for XSLT is: how can this very expressive language
be presented such that it comes within the comfort zone of more developers?
Websites such as yours do give some support in this sense but it's an
individual effort. I'd be interested in seeing something collaborative.
Because Dr. Kay's reference raises the bar so high, it's daunting to
attempt anything apart the most cursory and anecdotal of information sites.

Best regards

P.S.: I think that the Muenchian grouping part is useful for those having
to support legacy XSLT1.0 implementations, but probably belong in a section
specifically for XSLT1.0.

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> Hello,
>    There was a time, when I was heavily involved with XSLT.
> I had created this web site related to XSLT, http://gandhimukul.
> tripod.com/xslt/index.html
> This hasn't been updated in a while.
> Looking at this site, can anyone suggest if this site is still valuable? I
> can start adding information to this, containing information related to
> XSLT 3.0 since its now a W3C REC.
> --
> Regards,
> Mukul Gandhi
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