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Subject: Re: [xsl] Structuring templates
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Subject: Re: [xsl] Structuring templates

> Are you aware that XslCompiledTransform supports extension objects as
> well as inline code? If you encapsulate your C# code in a class and pass
> that as an extension object with e.g.
> us/library/system.xml.xsl.xsltargumentlist.addextensionobject(v=vs.110).as
> px
> when you run XSLT then you don't depend on inline script compilation and
> execution and I think it should also solve the problem you have with
> sharing the C# code.
> Obviously that way you need to write and compile the C# separately
> instead of having XslCompiledTransform doing it for the inline code, I
> am not sure whether it is an option.

Yeah, I am constrained by the WIX toolset and it doesn't offer the facility
to pass the code in as a compiled library which I am certain you are correct
in that it would likely solve the issue. I wish xsl v1 and all of msxsl could
be banished:)


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