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Subject: [xsl] Re: Need some Advice
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Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2022 18:14:05 -0000
Sorry. I was a bit depressed so turning to people of my community for some

I am having this rather crazy diacussion everyday saying why for-each
should be used as opposed to apply-templates. Why doing multiple references
to a complex xpath 5 times in a code in consequitive lines of code shouldbe
done as opposed to storing the result of xpath ans using it ever timeyou
needed. I am told "choose" with just one "when" is better than xsl:if. I am
told string should be in quotes inside value of select and not within xsl

Importantly i am not told any good reason for this. Other than that "we do
it this way".

On Fri, Feb 4, 2022, 10:00 AM Mailing Lists Mail <daktapaal@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hello All,
> I need some advice from you all. I have been working with XSLT for last 15
> years and I have now come across a contract opportunity with a financial
> firm in Australia and I am like weeks into it. I was told that the clients
> are bound with XSLT1.0 and XSLT 2.0 does not work. I was wondering why it
> does not work. I asked if they used MS parser etc. and nothing of that sort
> is happening. When I looked into the code i figured why xslt2.0 wont work.
> it wont because of the wrong coding. xml elements are coded as text using
> &lt; and &gt; and the text  is not in the xsl:text and  xpaths are  all
> unbelievable . No one with even 1 year of exp with xslt will even fathom
> such xpaths. there are circular xpaths, no keys .. no variables. using the
> same complicated xpaths over and over again in consecutive lines of code.
> and its all a mess. Super mess and it makes me cry.  So messed up that you
> can not format the code because you will break the spacing in the text
> nodes..The reasoning.? The one who did the initial work was a contractor
> who did not know Xslt.
> part 2 of the story..
> I started coding and I have a muscle memory of doing the things in a
> certain way ( hopefully the right way ).. I was pulled in into a meeting
> saying that my code is messed up and that I am doing things the way that is
> against the coding standards practice of company .. every line of the code
> was changed to how they do it/// . keys removed, xsl:text removed, and
> every nightmare i imagine was asked to make and by me. I checked in the
> code now they way they do, knowing very well that it is messy..
> I am pulled everyday and told that my XSLT coding is not correct. I have
> always stood as the XSLT conscience and people have learnt from me. Not
> blowing trumpets of myself, but the current situation is very basic very
> very basic. I did not do these mistakes on my first job with no experience.
> What do I do??
> 1.Resign and let them be as they want to ?
> 2. continue and do the coding the way they want and hopefully I will get
> used to it in a couple of months and I suffer until then
> My heart breaks here to see the attitude that someone is holding my hand
> to make me do bad things..... The attitude is clear. "you shall do as we
> say". You can chuck your XSLT coding practices..
> Makes me remember a contractor who came home to cut trees. I asked him to
> do it a certain way and he said he wouldn't do it even if I gave him 2000
> GBP.
> Please advice.
> Dr. Tapaal Dakota

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