[xsl] XML to text - converting DITA to asciidoc

Subject: [xsl] XML to text - converting DITA to asciidoc
From: "dvint@xxxxxxxxx" <xsl-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2023 18:04:07 -0000
I'm trying to process complex inline DITA content to text and at the same time both process inline markup and strip excess whitespace that comes from having the content in a pretty printed format.

I suppose a quick fix might be to go through and un=pretty the XML in a pre-pass. Anyone got something that does that?

Currently, I'm trying to process these files as they are in XML and make nice text blocks in the converted content. I know that normalize-space() will strip the space from text, but it doesn't allow processing of the markup at the same time.

So if I have a call like


I get this when processing an <li>

* link:lnu1689300505181.dita[Step

* link:txr1689300527868.dita[Step

* Complete!

* link:fkt1688690571816.dita[Show me the primary landing

* link:fto1689306405929.dita[Show me
							tiles without descriptions]

* link:https://example.com[Sample app]

* link:https://example.com[Security Key]


If I change that call to

<xsl:apply-templates select="normalize-space(.)"/>

I get clean text, but now I'm missing the processing of the inline elements like these <xref>s


* Step 3

* Step 4

* Complete!

* Show me the primary landing page
* Show me tiles without descriptions

* Sample app

* Security Key


I've confirmed that deleting the whitespace is one possible way to correct this problem, just wondering if there is something else I can try.


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