[stella] Socketed cartridge

Subject: [stella] Socketed cartridge
From: "J. Grand" <smooth@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 22:27:33 -0500 (EST)
Hi.. This isn't directly related to the Supercharger, but it does have to 
do with Atari development..

I don't have a Supercharger and am trying to develop my first program for 
the 2600. I used a cartridge and wired a socket in place of the ROM for 
an EPROM or EEPROM. I made sure to connect the correct address pins, 
invert the chip select, etc. I used 2-3 inch wire wrap wires to connect 
the socket to the PCB or the cartridge. As a test, I used a 2716 (2K) 
EPROM programmed with Kaboom!, so I know the binary is good. When I power 
on the Atari, I either get blank, or just weird lines, etc. like the data 
is being loaded incorrectly. Just once, by sheer luck, it seemed to have 
loaded Kaboom!

I thought it might be the speed of the EPROM, but I didn't think it 
should matter at such slow processor speeds.. The same with crosstalk 
from wirewrap wires, I didn't think the speed would be a factor.. 

So, basically, has anyone done this before? There doesn't seem to be a 
reason why using a socketed cartridge wouldn't work, so any ideas? I'm 
planning to find a Supercharger eventually, but for now,p this will be a 
fairly good alternative.



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