[stella] 6502SIM/6502 Page

Subject: [stella] 6502SIM/6502 Page
From: Dan Boris <dan.boris@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 12:46:48 -0400
I have just add a 6502 information page to my hompage. This page
contains links to information about the 6502 processor and it's
varients. If anybody has any information to contribute to this page,
please let me know.

The address is:

On this page you will also find 6502SIM V1.0 which is a generic 6502
simulator I have been writing. The simulator screen displays disassembly
of your code, the cpu registers, stack and memory, and updates all this
informtion dynamically as you step through or run your program. It is a
great tool for learning 6502 programming, or for testing 6502 code in a
controlled environment. If you find anybody finds any bugs, or has any
suggestions for new features please E-mail me at dan.boris@xxxxxxxxx

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