Re: [stella] Alpha version of my game

Subject: Re: [stella] Alpha version of my game
From: Lee Seitz <lkseitz@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 22:14:53 -0500 (CDT)
Erik Mooney boldly stated:
>(I'm 19, btw... my .edu
>address should've been a clue I couldn't be too old)

Let's see, that's 1978?  The same year Space Invaders came out.  (I'm
26 by the way.  That's 1971, the same year Computer Space came out. 8)
Seems like you'd be closer to the Nintendo generation than Atari, not
that I'm complaining.  We need all the talented programmers we can

>Picked up the Space Invaders ROMs (yeah yeah sue me for piracy) and the
>game is more different from TI Invaders than I had thought.  Is the
>emulator running really lousy on my system (in Windows), or do the invaders
>actually advance one line at a time instead of the whole formation at once?

No, that's what they do.  I think you can skip that in your version.

>Looking at this, I can definitely make my game closer to the arcade..
>expanding my invaders to twice their current width and raising their height
>slightly should make it a lot closer.  I'll also implement collisions
>between the player's missile and the bombs.. I wasn't sure if that was in
>the arcade or not.

If you play more, you'll discover that not all bombs can be shot.
Some just destroy your shots and keep coming!  I'm not sure if you
should expand the invaders or not.  I guess you an give it a shot and
see how it plays.

>Also, should I attempt to give every game player Atari Thumb all over again
>by making the ship only fire when the button is pressed instead of holding
>it down? =)

Well, I like the auto-fire of the alpha, but I may change my mind if
you implement shields.

>Yeah, I can rewrite it for 3-line intervals, but I still can't reposition
>bombs on the same line as an invader row,

Not a problem, really.

> or on the same line as the shields.

That could be aproblem.

  Without repositioning, I can only do one bomb at a time, or two
>on alternating frames (I think this is what 2600 Invaders does.)  I
>couldn't tell if the arcade went past two bombs at once, though.

I just saw three at a time in a quick replay, but it looks to be very
rare.  Note that the bombs are not completely random.  The invaders
tend to drop them in your area.

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