[stella] FYI - ROM on CPU board works.

Subject: [stella] FYI - ROM on CPU board works.
From: Frank Palazzolo <palazzol@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 21:31:28 -0400
Just for the record - I put an IC socket into my 2600 CPU board,
and then put a Combat ROM into it.  Sure enough, It fired up Combat.
It looks like this technique is limited to a 2K ROM, because there aren't
any more pins for anything bigger!

I didn't think there was any cart-select logic, however, and sure enough when I
use a cart in the cartridge slot at the same time it didn't work.

(I forgot to mention this CPU board came from a 6-switch Sears Tele-Games I.)

Also - some RAM cart info - I bought a Dallas Semiconductor DS1225Y
chip from Active Electronics today. This is essentially a lithum battery-backed 
8K static RAM.  It should be perfect for the job - but it was a bit expensive at $16.
I'll probably only use 4K of it anyway - as I'm not going to bother with bank-switching.

- Frank Palazzolo

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