status report (was:Re: [stella] New Tetris clone on my page)

Subject: status report (was:Re: [stella] New Tetris clone on my page)
From: Piero Cavina <p.cavina@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 1997 17:13:55 +0100
At 0:49 -0700 10-06-1997, Nick S Bensema wrote:

>It's starving for new files.  I'd like to get the latest version of the Space
>Invaders clone and the multi-sprite game, if those are ready for the page yet.

You should put on your page the "multi-sprite demo 1.1" that I posted to
the list on 4/3/1997, it came with the commented source code.
That program became the "multi-sprite game", the first version of it was
posted to the list some days after. The good news are that I've further
improved that program and redefined the gameplay: in the latest version,
the player can shoot!
But... alas, I couldn't work on it during May, and still can't now. The
list seems very quiet, so I guess you're very busy too... I'm actually
spending more time with an IBM AS400 and PCs than with the 6502... guess
what is most fun ;-)

I think I'll be able to continue my work for the 2600 in late July. I would
really like to finish the game before the end of the Summer.


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