[stella] Frame Timed Sound Effects

Subject: [stella] Frame Timed Sound Effects
From: Eckhard_Stolberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Eckhard Stolberg)
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 16:16:48 +0200
To make some use out of my frequency table I have written this little sound
editor. It uses Supercharger RAM, so I have no idea, if it would work on an
emulator. It allows to edit 256 lines of sound values per channel.

The screen consistst of 13 lines like VCPPFF. All values are in hex.
V is the volume stored in AUDVx.
C is the distortion stored in AUDCx.
PP is the pitch stored in AUDFx.
FF is the number of frames (60 per second), that the other values in that line
   should stay in the registers, before it advances to the next line.

In the central line there is a cursor. By moving the Joystick left and right
you can move it to the value, that you want to change. Moving the Joystick
up and down moves the previous/next line under the cursor. You can't move over
the line 0 / line FF boundary.

Pushing the button and moving the Joystick up and down changes the value under
the cursor.

Pressing Select inserts one line, pressing reset removes one line and pressing
Select and Reset together resets the RAM to all zero.

The Colour switch changes between channel one and channel two. To indicate
which channel you are currently editing, there are two black stripes in the
lower center of the screen.

The last line, wich has a brighter background colour, looks like LLSSSS.
LL is the current line number.
SSSS is the summed up number of frames including the line before the current 
     one. This is usefull for syncronizing both channels.

To start the playback you must press the button and then move the Joystick
left for the current channel or right for both channels together. 

The playback stops, if a line, with the number of frames set to 0, has occured
in all played channels or if the button has been pressed again.

Ciao, Eckhard Stolberg

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