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Subject: Re: R: [stella] your opinion (fwd)
From: kickass <kickass@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 1997 16:09:36 -0400 (EDT)
On Sun, 7 Sep 1997, Erik Mooney wrote:

> Fine... it is I that's doing this.  The "never done before" part (to

Sorry, didn't mean to force you to blow your color! I just wanted Glen to 
know that things weren't dead in 2600 land. If any other programmers out 
there want to do a game, but don't have an idea or need graphics, LET ME 
KNOW (or if you need a motivational butt kick, LET ME KNOW!!!)

> the best of our knowledge) is to have four independent detailed
> player-controlled flickerless objects on the same scanline.  In single
> resolution.  With color changes every scanline.  We're using the

While obviously the missle objects aren't as detailed as the player 
objects, but they are easily identifiable. (drawing w/ 1,2,4,8 pixels 
only per line w/in a line of only 8 pixels (and no gaps,) is very tricky, 

> missiles to display two player objects, and the players for the other
> two.  Video Olympics had four such objects, but they were undetailed
> pong bars, and according to 'kickass', that doesn't count. :)  Ditto
> for Super Challenge Football, which draws the non-player-object
> players with missiles... that has four independent detailed objects
> (double-resolution, though, and I've got mine running at single.)  SC

(And our 4 will be player controlled,)

> Football can display playfield and the ball on the same lines as the
> players, though, which I'm not doing.

Anyway, we'll let ya know more when there is more to let you know!


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