Re: R: [stella] PCMSG 2.5 (Oystron?

Subject: Re: R: [stella] PCMSG 2.5 (Oystron?
From: danboris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Dan Boris)
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 1997 13:01:02 -0400
> >> Has the O2 any video memory, unlike the 2600?
> >>
> >
> >Yes, the video controller has a 256 byte memory space, but not all of that
> >is actually used.
> Wasn't it designed more or less at the same time of the 2600?

The O2 came out in 1978 the 2600 in 1977 so they where probably both being designed at the same time.

> btw, are you the author of the O^2 emulator?

Yes I am. That's how I know the detailed tech info on the O2 :)

							Dan Boris

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