[stella] Stellagraph problem

Subject: [stella] Stellagraph problem
From: Chris Pepin <cpepin1@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 11:08:43 -0400 (EDT)
Ughh!   Okay, it's going to take a little longer to get the new version of
Stellagraph released.  I went down to the campus computer lab to compile
it and found out they upgraded their version of Visual basic from version
4 to version 5.  I can compile it, but because it's compiled into an exe
in version 5 it requires a newer version of the dll.  Instead of making
everyone get a new version of the dll (which is about a meg in size), I'm
going to try and see if I can get it compiled in version 4 again.  I'll
let you know when it's available for dl.  

Chris Pepin

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