[stella] Thanks for the enlightenment

Subject: [stella] Thanks for the enlightenment
From: crackers@xxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 22:23:32 -0400 (EDT)
Thank you everyone (esp. Jim) who helped me to understand look-up tables and
jump tables. After some experimentation I've managed to employ them
successfully into my V-pet programme. Woohoo!!! That's my biggest obstacle
so far. Now that the hardest hump has been crossed I might slow down a bit
as I need to study for some upcoming japanese tests, but then I'll get
right back to it.

I've got another demo ready to show off. It still doesn't employ any gameplay
yet, but it'll let you see what I've accomplished so far.

The top sprite is the communication sprite. This will be where the critter
will tell you it's needs and feelings. In the demo it just cycles through
the various communication icons one at a time, every second.

The next sprite is obviously the critter sprite. In the demo, moving
the joystick left and right will age/de-age the critter and cycle through
the various possible adults and finally the Death sprite. In the finished
game, depending on how well you treated your critter, it will determine
just what type of adult it grows up to be wether a happy bi-pedal critter,
or a lowly worm.

The bottom sprite is the action sprite where you select what you're
going to do with your critter. In the demo moving the joystick up and
down cycles through the various action icons.

Once again, big thanks to everyone on the stella list. With the help of
all the contributors of this list I have gone from knowing very little
6502 machine language programming and absolutely nothing about how the
2600 works to being able to do something like this! I haven't had this
much fun since I got my first real computer (a C-64).

I'd also once again like to encourage those people on the list that
have been reluctant to try programming something to jump on in.
Once you've gotten the 2600 to draw a stable screen the machine seems
a whole lot less scary.

Thanks everyone!!

Oh yeah, I've done so much mucking about since the last demo that I've
kind of lost count of my scanlines. Could a PAL user let me know if it's
in colour or black and white?

                     (Happy Camper from hell!!!!!!)


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