[stella] Re: How long does it take?

Subject: [stella] Re: How long does it take?
From: crackers@xxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 01:20:26 -0400 (EDT)
In article , you wrote:
>In article <199709301741.MAA23335@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, you wrote:
>>ObProgramming:  How long do you think it would take someone who has
>>only had one 8086 assembly language course about five years ago to
>>catch on to the 6507?
>Well, I last programmed 6502 machine over 15 years ago on a Commodore PET in
>data processing class (it was a step up for us from the punched cards we
>started on). And it was pretty weenie programming at that, nothing like
>what I've done so far on the 2600.
>I only seriously began studing how to programme the 2600 a few months ago,
>just before the summer. Plus over the entire summer I've done absolutely
>nothing with the machine. So I'd say I went from absolutely no idea how
>to programme the machine to being well on my way to getting my first game
>done in just a few months. And I'd be much farther ahead now if I had
>devoted more time to it (but you know what it's like when the weather is
>nice in the summer).
>I started by studying Nick's "How To Draw A Playfield" source code. From that
>I wrote my own playfield programme and from there writing for the 2600
>became much less scary. That's probably the best way to get started.
>Study Nick's simple programme, then write a simple programme of your own.
>Then just write more and more complex programmes. Don't worry about
>writting a game right off the bat, just experiment with different aspects
>of the 2600 like sprites, playfield, sound, etc. Often you'll discover little
>things while poking around with the features that will inspire a game.
>If I'm correct I think Oystron was spawned by an experimentation with
>multiple sprites.
>So just plug away, and ask questions when you get stuck. There are lots of
>very talented, helpful programmers on this list who are glad to lend
>assistance. Or check the stella list archive. Someone might have already
>found a solution to your problem and posted it here before.
>Good luck, and have fun!
>                                   CRACKERS
>                         (Having tonnes of fun from hell!!!)


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