reading paddles (again) (was:Re: [stella] stick/paddle combos)

Subject: reading paddles (again) (was:Re: [stella] stick/paddle combos)
From: Piero Cavina <p.cavina@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 20:56:24 +0100
At 23:45 -0700 29-09-1997, Greg Troutman wrote:

>All paddle game programmers are really good ;)

At this point, I must really get MONDO PONG back to life... :-))

We've already been talking about how to read paddles... here's what Jim
wrote months ago:

>To reduce the overhead of your paddle routines, you could interleave
>the reads (only read one paddle every 2 scan lines, and alternate)
>but that will reduce the resolution.  You could read the paddle
>positions alternately, one paddle per frame, which gives you less
>time precision (you only have new values every 30th of a second.)
>>   LDA INPT0          ; read port 0
>>   BMI charged0       ; condenser already charged, skip increment
>>   INC Pot            ; increment paddle position value

(please substitute my "condenser" with "capacitor", btw ;)


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