[stella] Virtual pet for gameboy

Subject: [stella] Virtual pet for gameboy
From: Richard Kennehan at Cosmo02PO <Richard_Kennehan_at_Cosmo02PO@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 13 Oct 97 08:22 -0500
Some people on this list are working on a "Virtual Pet" for the 2600, and It
seems that Bandai is making one for the Gameboy.  It might be beneficial for
those interested to take a look at Issue #101 of Nintendo Power.  On pages
72-77, they go into great detail about the upcoming game for the Gameboy.  Some
of its features include:
- Ability to select 6 different "eggs" from which the virtual pet will hatch
- Ability to raise multiple virtual pets at once
- Ability to feed virtual pet 6 different kinds of food. You have to use the
right combos for a healthy pet.
- Ability to play several different kinds of games with it. Sometimes it will
co-operate, sometimes not.
- When it sleeps, you have to make sure to turn the lights off

Also featured on page 104 is a sneak-peek at Virtual Pet for the Nintendo 64. 
The screen was similar to the "Mario 64" design, where you can run and play with
your pet on a 3-D landscape.  What a great concept.  I can just see it
now...Turok: Virtual Pet Hunter :)

Please try to take a look at this issue, it will surely make the Virtual Pet for
2600 game so much better.

- Rich

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