RE: [stella] Re: wplaybin - with required .dll

Subject: RE: [stella] Re: wplaybin - with required .dll
From: Robert "A." Colbert <colbertb@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 08:15:59 -0600
>Reply to your message of 2/11/98 8:02 AM
>I tried out this version. It is very nice for a first try.

Thanks, and I know there are plenty of bugs... but do let me know of any you

>The feature I'm missing most is the volume control of makewav.
>Finding a proper setting using only the Windows volume control
>is very difficult. I couldn't find one, that worked with my 6k
>BIN files.

O.k. that can be added easily enough.

>Although the output is only very short, a 'stop playing' button
>might be usefull.

Yes, most definitely - that will be added too.

>When you include more settings like the start address etc. you
>should turn off the autoplay feature after loading. :-) 

O.K. that's a very good idea.  The autoplay really shouldn't be there, I
just kinda left it in.

>Is there any reason why you are using temp files? The WAV data
>should be able to fit into the RAM of a WIN95 computer, right?

hehe, yes, a very good reason :)  I just used the source code from
makewav, changed the "main" function to "makewav" and passed parameters
to it via an array of pointers.  I wanted to get something going quick.
I could also use a RAM file, but I'll have to look at that.

Thanks for the input.


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