Re: [stella] [definitely-OT] porting Oystron

Subject: Re: [stella] [definitely-OT] porting Oystron
From: owner-stella@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 19:26:21 EST
In a message dated 98-02-11 07:28:15 EST, you write:

> Don't you think that a Lynx port of Oystron would be very cool? If I
>  remember correctly, the Lynx has a 6502 so it would mostly be a matter of
>  rewriting the kernel. Do you know any Lynx developer??
>  Also, I was thinking that an Intellivision port would be almost impossible.
>  There are too many sprites in Oystron for the Inty, so probably one would
>  have to use the background slots to do the moving objects, but how to
>  handle the board of pearls...? Nah, the 2600 was definitely the best for
>  fast, arcade-action games... :-))
I realize that this is an ATARI newsgroup, not one for strange calculators,
but I think that a TI port of Oystron would be pretty cool. While I've hit the
subject, has anyone given any thought to a Z80 calculator (ie., entire TI
series) port of Stella, or a calculator 2600 emulator at all? I realize that
it would be (ahem) more difficult to do, but if anyone is willing to
collaborate on development, get in touch with me. (JArti1@xxxxxxx)

Glenn: How about a gameboy version of Adventure?

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