[stella] Congratulations to Piero

Subject: [stella] Congratulations to Piero
From: "David C. Schweinsberg" <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 19:43:58 +0100
Indeed - Congratulations.  A most deserving win!!

Regarding the multi-load platform game - it is still under development.  I
haven't had ANY response regarding anyone giving me a hand with graphics and
level design.  I guess everyone is too busy :-(

Certainly I'm very busy now!  Because of my revived interest in video games
and gaming, I'm now changing jobs.  I'm about to start as a lead programmer
with Psygnosis - they were very impressed with my retro attitude ;-)  So I
guess I've already got much more than I expected out of this competition.

Look forward to new, test releases of my game, 'cause it is still on!!


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