[stella] How's my arithmetic?

Subject: [stella] How's my arithmetic?
From: Ruffin Bailey <rufbo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 98 16:23:19 -0000
After VBLANK and before beginning to draw the screen in Nick's HtDaP, I 
_think_ I have #44 times 64 clock counts, or 2816 total clocks for game 
calcs, etc.  That would be about 938.7 machine cycles if I believe page 2 
of my fancy Stella Programmer's Guide where it says "3 CLOCK COUNTS PER 
MACHINE CYCLE".  Now that only comes to 12 lines and change (938.7 div 
76) worth of time for game calculations...  Since there are 37 lines of 
VBLANK, that seems a bit small.  What did I do wrong?

Secondly, there isn't anything about the overscan that's tricky, is 
there?  Meaning I can treat that exactly like it's 30 lines of normal 
screen scan, correct?  Is the gun still shooting the screen?  Could I put 
two 1702 monitors together and get a really nice long screen and make 
Millipede the right size?  (Just kidding about the last question, of 

Thanks much, and HtDaP was supposed to mean How to Draw a Playfield.

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