[stella] How do I count WSYNC?

Subject: [stella] How do I count WSYNC?
From: Ruffin Bailey <rufbo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 98 16:23:15 -0000
I've been doing a lot of cycle counting lately, and have run into a 
question:  How do you count sta WSYNC?  Seems like I remeber the infamous 
someone saying the proverbial something along the lines of it taking 5 
cycles to give WSYNC time to work.  Distella only counts sta WSYNC as 
three. (?)

I guess the question comes down to this:  How many cycles do I have 
"_between_ WSYNC's"?  I think if I just use all 76 cycles, I don't have 
anything to worry about, but I also think that if I use 73 cycles then 
hit WSYNC like this:

LF0BB: STA    WSYNC   ;3
... my timing will be off.  Anyway, I hope that's the case, because right 
now a line that's taking 76 cycles including a sta WSYNC (I'm counting 
the WSYNC as three cycles) is acting like it's screwing up!


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