Re: [stella] RAM Cart?

Subject: Re: [stella] RAM Cart?
From: "woloch.kurt. :E2-RB.BRZ.BMF.GV" <kurt.woloch@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 07:47:31 +0100
At Mon Jan 18 14:18 1999, Dan Boris wrote:

>> SRAM or static ram holds all the data as long as the power supply is
>> connected(many chips can hold data at lower voltages for battery backup)
>> This is what I, and Pete used.  It is ideal because it is simple to
>> use(can almost be a drop in for an EPROM cart), and can be battery
>> So the jist is that produceing an SRAM cart isn't really necessary?
>Another interesting technology that would be useful for RAM carts is an
>with internal battery backup. Dallas Semi-conductor (and I am sure other 
>companies) make these SRAMS. The have the same pinouts as normal SRAM IC's
>are used in exactly the same way. They have the backup battery and
>circuitry build right into the chip so you don't even have to think about
>They are also not that expensive.

Huh? Built-in battery? Is this a rechargeable or a one-way battery?
I mean, if the battery's discharged, and you can't exchange it, you have to
discard the whole chip!

With love (and many batteries to kill)
Kurt Woloch

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