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Subject: RE: [stella] music compression
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Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 17:38:50 +0200

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De: Chris Wilkson <ecwilkso@xxxxxxx>
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Asunto: Re: [stella] music compression

>> Hi all, here's my lastest puzzle:  I'm working on a four channel music
>> engine, and I'm trying to work out some of the internal memory management
>Have you considered creating your own waveforms?  This allows you to use
>frequency you want.  If you only update the sound registers once per line,
>you get 0 to 15.7kHz, or 8 (resonable) octaves.  If you update every other
>scanline, you get a top end of 7.85kHz...still not bad.
>Also, let's assume that no voice ever jumps more than an octave.  If you
>use relative motion, with chromatic scales, you need 3.5 bits of storage
>for each voice, and you give each voice a total range of 4 octaves
>(conservative 2-scanline approach).  Also, since (I assume) you're doing
>2 voices per channel, if you're just re-writing the volume data for each
>channel, you can store the information in terms of channels instead of
>voices.  Doing this gives double the storage resolution, or 1.75 bits
>per voice, per beat.
>This all assumes infinite clock cycles with which to work.  :)  Right now,
>I'm way too tired to do the math and get the *real* numbers.  But it might
>give you a different way of thinking about the problem.
>"So why didn't he try to give feedback before my engine was locked
>in place!???"  - Andrew
>Ok, I have to go watch TV.  But I'll think more on this and get back to
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