RE: [stella] Are 7800 demos legal???

Subject: RE: [stella] Are 7800 demos legal???
From: Ruffin Bailey <rufbo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 09:58:38 -0500
>>Weell, I don't know about this.  One way of looking at it is that I'm
>>half-owner of an authentic Atari development kit.  It seems that fair use of
>>such an item is that I should be able to write new games.  If ripping 4KB of
>>the ROM is the only way to do it, then so be it.
>Ah, here's the rub...
>You're right -- you have every right to use that code while designing your
>game.  However, posting that part of the source/image, or selling games
>including it would NOT be legal, in my opinion.  Tricky distinction.

Now there's an interesting point.  Was there a license that came with the
developers' kit?  If no, it would seem that releasing a game with that 4k
of code in it would be okay (this is different from releasing the source to
that 4k).  You've just used the kit to design a game whose first 4k is
_exactly_ like the template you were given.  Alternately, we could
dissemble most any game, steal the first 4k, and jmp out, right?

While I'm on the subject, (and out of curiousity) how _do_ you change a
line (the jmp out) and maintain the encryption?

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