[stella] The TazerFish Project

Subject: [stella] The TazerFish Project
From: "John K. Harvey" <jkharvey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 05 Aug 2000 09:46:26 -0400
Here it is...

It's pretty much Spaghetti code (more like Spaghetti code put into a
blender) from 3 or 4 other projects, and not very interesting.
But, I had to pay homage to the TazerFish Project, one of the finest and
weirdest things UW-Madison ever produced.  It's pretty much like the
homepage, www.tazerfish.com,
and yes, that's why the fish doesn't move smoothly, to stay true to the

Great for stress relief, a smile, and that's about it....

	-John K. Harvey

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