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Subject: [stella] Classicmag.net
From: "Jim Oaks" <jimoaks@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 17:38:59 -0400
Hello everyone, id like to announce a new project im starting, The
ClassicMag project. The goal of this project is to preserve classic
computing and gaming magazines for extinction. Most of us classic collectors
love to have magazines for the systems we collect as, in the past the
provided an immense resource for reviews, news, insights and programs. The
goal of this project will be to preserve old out of print magazine issues in
a PDF format. These will be scanned complete issues with advertisements let
in, as they are as interesting and have just as much nostalgia value. Our
web site is currently up at http://www.classicmag.net there's not a lot
there as of yet but with everyone's help I hope to fill it soon. I've got a
tremendous amount of space to be able to host these files. What I'm looking
for is help from the community, if you have old issues, anything to do with
computers or video gaming, please consider scanning them in getting them to
us. If you can't put them in pdf form, no problem we can work out a way for
you to get them images to us and we will get them in pdf form. I have a
small list of magazines on the site now for some different systems, if you
know of any I don't have listed please email with the details. I want this
to be as complete as possible. I'm going to try and stay with mags published
before 1995. I don't want to run into a lot of copyright issues. As always
if a mag is on our site and the publisher, if there still around, wishes it
not be there we will take it down, but hope they consider this project
worthwhile and let us keep them there.
I believe this will be a great resource for everyone to be able to get a
hold of some mags that are gone, but not forgotten. If you want to help with
this project please email me at
jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx . I look forward to hearing from people.

Jim Oaks

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