Re: [stella] Stella @ 20

Subject: Re: [stella] Stella @ 20
From: "Ben Combee" <combee@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 18:01:26 -0500
I finally got to watch both volumes of "Stella at 20" last week while
visiting friends in Atlanta.  I watched volume 1 with a EE friend of mine,
while volume 2 was was a Ph.D Computer Science friend.

Both really liked the tapes.  I though Glenn's editing was very effective,
and I really liked the animated displays on volume 2 explaining some of the
graphical tricks.  While watching that one, my friend V kept getting
astonished at the elegance of the system.  I think he's going to order a set
for the Georgia Tech Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center library.

The Doug Neumbauer interview on volume 1 was cool, although I'd love to hear
more from him on how he did the original Star Raiders (not too 2600 related,
alas).  Everyone I watched it with was shocked to learn that there were new
2600 releases in 1990!

I didn't learn too much from the tapes, having read this forum for the last
few years, but they were a lot of fun.

(BTW, we tried watching the Once Upon Atari tape I'd picked up from HSW, but
it really wasn't too watchable -- the editing was annoying, and there wasn't
enough background on who the people were and why you'd want to listen to
them.  Maybe the second episode on the tape is better.)

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