Re: [stella] Obviously doing something wrong...

Subject: Re: [stella] Obviously doing something wrong...
From: "Ruffin Bailey" <rufbo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 02:50:41 -0400
> You did notice that the first BMI checks the flags for the LDY #$00
> and not for the LDA SWCHA, didn't you? ;-)

*grumble grumble*
Welp, at least I learned something.  For whatever reason, I thought the
branch instructions worked on the acum and ignored the registers.  So I
probably would have never stumbled onto the reason by myself.  Thanks for
the help, and it works without a problem now (no big surprise there, eh?

Side note:  Eckhard, I haven't gotten your app to compile with MPW on my Mac
yet, but was only able to give it a quick go when I first tried to email
you.  I'm afraid my email is still being blocked by your ISP (both
addresses) so my attempts to email you bounced back (the second address
taking a little over a week before finally telling me it was a definitive

> >PS  Any particular reason that Thrust is $25 and not the usual $16 at
> >Any supercool docs or something?  ;^)
> Thrust is a 16K bankswitching game. I think Randy uses new boards for
> those instead recycled ones from old carts. That might be the price
> difference.
And Chris Wilkson added:
>Yes, I believe Randy is using my boards for 8k/16k bankswitched games
>these days.  Original 16k games are harder to find than Combat/Pacman (duh)
>and a lot of those games had the bankswitch logic built into the ROM.
>So they aren't reusable...

And there's yet another tidbit for this hobbyist to learn.  Didn't realize
that Thrust was an 8/16k game, nor that you couldn't cannabilize old carts
to make one.  How are you making these boards from scratch?  I'm afraid I've
mostly ignored the "Superboard" conversations as being threads that were
well over my head, and I suppose that extends to any bankswitched game
hardware.  Gotta walk before I can run, and I haven't even finished using a
good 2k of space personally -- so for right now even Combats are safe from

So any chance there'll be a limited run of signed Thrust carts? ;^)

Thanks to you both,

Ruffin Bailey

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