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Subject: Re: [stella] New game concept
From: "Andrew Davie" <adavie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 23:11:59 +1100
Neat concept.

I immediately thought of the display as a square-circle.
That is, multiple concentric squares, each one being a single track.  Maybe
that would work;  after all, though the concept is a disk drive (circle),
the game doesn't actually have to mirror reality.  A series of concentric
squares could work.

This would KIND of be like a rotating version of uh... what was it called...
CRASH?   Two cars going around a concentric-square track, one trying to
collect the dots, the other trying to collide.... you could change lane at
each of 4 positions, either one or two lanes, and you could hit the button
to go fast.  Gee... memory, don't fail me ... it was...uh.... anyone?

The similarities are that you are rotating around a center, and have a
limited ability to shift sideways on each rotation.  You have a target track
to get to.   Just need an opponent (bad sectors?) to avoid.   What I really
liked about uh... "crash"... was that you could memorise patterns, and get
to the high levels without having to waste reflexes ;)

Anyway, good luck - neat concept :)

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Subject: [stella] New game concept

> Hi guys-
> I've been lurking on this list for a few months (and a few years ago, as
> well) and have been toying with the idea of writing up a 2600 game for
> time.. I have a concept that I'll run by everyone and see if it is
> do-able/play-able.
> I think I'm going to have some trouble describing it, so if you have
> questions, feel free to ask :) It is a combination-of-sorts between Simon
> (the Milton-Bradley game) and Kaboom!. For purposes of the description, I
> am assuming folks know how a hard drive works (description can be found at
>  Check out the
> picture in the "Storing the Data" section as you read the next paragraph:
> The player will control the hard drive head (i.e. can move it left or
> between tracks using the paddle). The hard drive platter will spin
> clockwise (starting slowly). One sector in each cluster (column) will be
> illuminated. The player needs to move the head back and forth and hit the
> button when the lighted sector is under their head (essentially "reading"
> the sector). After the player "reads" 8 sectors, the platter will increase
> in rotation speed (i.e. the next level) and another combination of sectors
> will be illuminated. Speed will increase for every 8 sectors the player
> read. Each sector needs to be read in sequential order (i.e. one column
> after the next). The player will lose (or the game will be over) if they
> miss an illuminated sector. Scoring will be based on the number of sectors
> the player successfully read (or something like that).
> Got it? :) Let me know any ideas/comments you have! Hopefully a game like
> this doesn't already exist..
> Joe
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