Re: [stella] Telepahy, Yahtzee, Compumate....

Subject: Re: [stella] Telepahy, Yahtzee, Compumate....
From: Jeff Rothkopf <jeffgmr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 09:38:47 -0500
Sorry I took so long to get to this.  So I went ahead and released what we
have so far.  I needed to fix the jitter in the new Yahtzee too.  I hate it
when that happens.  ;-)

So the new z26 also has some other cool stuff.  Eckhard added support for
the Compumate ROM which turns the 2600 into a *real computer*.  It has a
real version of BASIC, a keyboard and a text console.  I think there are
some graphics capabilities too but I'll leave it to Eckhard to tell you all
about it.

Oh, and Video Pinball finally works too.


Eckhard Stolberg wrote:

 I have started to add support for the Mindlink to z26, but I
 finished the first version only shortly before Christmas, so
> John didn't have the time to test it yet.

I'm a little confused...was there supposed to be a .bin attached to the above e-mail, or is there a web site to download the new z26? The last version I know of was from July 2000...



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