Re: [stella] Alpha Source

Subject: Re: [stella] Alpha Source
From: Manuel Polik <manuel.polik@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 22:10:39 +0100
Kurt.Woloch@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> >See it as my tribute to the stella list, maybe call it payback. In no
> >way I want to critisize the original work. This stuff made me learning
> >how to programm the VCS. Thank you.
> I think it's great... it contains a lot of routines useful for writing
> games... the vertical blank routine... the object positioning routine...
> even a player sharing routine... and so on...

If you change the ORG at the end to:
     ORG        $FFFC
You gain totally free 2K for experimenting. I use this a lot for all
sorts of this and that and quick experiments.

You can easily add your own screen drawing routine with but just adding
this after the Sucky Zep Demo:

    ORG     $F090

; This part is my testing code.

TestLoop            JSR VerticalSync    ; Common vertical
                    JSR VerticalBlank   ; Common do-nothing vblank
                    JSR TestScreen      ; Draw your screen
                    JMP TestLoop     	; Repeat

You maybe want to reset something at the beginning or do your own
vertical blank sometime later, but you can start right away with just
having to code the 'Testscreen' subroutine. Look at the 'Matt' routine
for a really simple example how its done.
> >Please inform me, if I missed any stellalist demo earlier than May 97
> >which is not mentioned in the source, so that I can add it in the 4K
> >version.
> Well, I recall sending a demo called "Jim's heart will go on" to the list
> somewhere in May, June or July 1998, which displays a sinking ship and plays
> a little tune that was very popular at that time...

I know and like that and will definitely add it in the next version. I
think it was sent in later than May, that's all.


BTW: Hopefully I'm through with reverse-engineering Starmaster this
month, I commented nearly everything down to the Bit. And I already have
an idea for a little (and secret of course!) MOD of Starmaster, maybe I
get that ready as an Easter Egg :-)

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