[stella] Once Upon ATARI -- Documentary Series

Subject: [stella] Once Upon ATARI -- Documentary Series
From: Ruffin Bailey <rufbo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 17:03:59 -0500

I have to think it's been mentioned before, but I'm afraid I missed it.
Anyone ever see this video (and have an opinion of it)?  The site (got there
while surfing the new dissembler site) has a number of broken pictures, and
due dates for future videos that say things like "Summer 99", but it sounds
sort of interesting.  Here's the "blurb/tease"

> "Once Upon Atari: The Agony And The Ecstasy is a great start to Howard Scott
> Warshaw¹s Once Upon Atari video series. It¹s an entertaining, educational, and
> most importantly, REAL glimpse of what happened at good ol¹ Atari. The video
> focuses on interviews with 2600 VCS programmers like Rob (Night Driver, Demon
> Attack, Missile Command) Fulop, Tod (Pac-Man) Frye, Carla (Star Raiders,
> Warlords, Indy 500) Meninsky, and Larry (Air-Sea Battle, Kaboom!) Kaplan.
> These interviews are at times hilarious (Frye¹s description of how he
> programmed 2600 Xevious, Fulop¹s profanity-laden rant in praise of VCS
> programmer Rick Maurer), as well as insightful (Ex-Atari Director Of Software
> George Kiss¹ regret that he didn¹t write a line of code while at Atari,? and
> Fulop¹s description of the job as ³the definition of his life²) ... it is well
> worth picking up, as I¹ve watched it about a dozen times in the 2 months since
> I got it."

Ruffin Bailey

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