Re: [stella] 6-digit score with TWO colour changes (!!)

Subject: Re: [stella] 6-digit score with TWO colour changes (!!)
From: "Thomas Jentzsch" <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 13:08:54 +0100
Andrew Davie wrote:
> Couldn't resist.... Thomas has thrown down the gauntlet :))
> Attatched binary demonstrates a double-height, 6-digit score, with
> background colour change *AND* colour changes on BOTH sprites.  I can change
> the purple to any colour you want, and have the shading go up or down :)

BUT, after looking at your source (had to use DiStella, which has some problems with illegal opcodes), I bet you can't do this with single-height AND independent color scrolling... :)

I can't, because I only can get 16 free cycles to do this (using my VDELP0/1 version, which is faster). But i need three register (COLUBK, COLUP0/1) writes (= 9 cycles) and two table reads (10 cycles, if you want color cycling, like in Thrust). 

With static, but free chooseable, colors, you'll need 6 read cyles (tya, eor# ..., eor#, or lda table,y ..., eor#). But that's not what I'm asking for, at least one of the colors should be animated.

Well, if you have enough RAM, then there's a good chance you might... But that would be a demo only.

Have fun!
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