Re: [stella] Dino Eggs (was: Where Do I Begin )

Subject: Re: [stella] Dino Eggs (was: Where Do I Begin )
From: Kurt.Woloch@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 13:43:22 +0100
Manuel Polik wrote:

>I think on the C64 version you collect the eggs with fire+down. 

>But I see another little thing: The wood is _collected_ too with that
>method. To start a fire I think you needed to hit SPACE or one of the
>function keys. Ok, just make it _not_ collectable on the VCS. So
>fire+down either collects an egg or starts a fire.

No, wrong. It's ALL done with fire+down.
The logic goes like this:

If you don't carry eggs, and the place has eggs, you collect one egg with
every push.
If you do carry eggs, and the place has none, you lay off an egg with every
If you and the place both have eggs, usually it first starts to lay off eggs
until the maximum of 3 is reached, or you have no more, then the process is
reversed and you gain an egg per push. If the place has no more eggs, or you
can't carry any more, it's reversed again and so on...

If there's a magic flower, you'll pick it up with one push regardless of
what else you carry.

If there's wood in the place, and you carry nothing, you'll pick up the
If you have wood and the place is empty, you'll lay down the wood.
If you have wood, and the place also has wood, a fire will be started.
If you have wood and the place has eggs, or vice-versa, nothing will happen.

If you have eggs and stand in your magic doorway (or however it's called),
you'll warp away along with the eggs. If you have no eggs and stand there,
you'll be asked if you really want to exit. On the second push, you'll exit
the level.

This is all done by moving down the joystick and pushing the button at once.
No function or other keys on the keyboard necessary to play any part of the

Eckhard Stolberg wrote:
>Hey that's funny. I felt the same way and also did a version myself. My
>goal was to create a nicer display with lots of different colours in PAL
>mode though. ;-)

Could you also post a binary? I'd have to locate DASM on my disks first
(since I changed computers since last programming the 2600)

With love (and many logic parts to explain)
Kurt Woloch


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