RE: [stella] Compiling Problems #2

Subject: RE: [stella] Compiling Problems #2
From: "Tempest" <reicher6@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 21:36:16 -0500
I have tabs before them.  Now it's saying that vcs.h is a bad mnemonic (it
liked it before).  If I comment it out, it still doesn't like the org line.

What is that SEG code thing?  Is it literally the word "code" or am I
suppose to fill it in with something?

Sorry about the caps on the mnemonics.  It's just a force of habit from my
assembly class days.


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> Ok here's the actual code, I can't figure out why DASM is bitching at me.
> processor 6502
> include vcs.h

^^ try inserting a space or two before each of these two (that is, don't
start them in the 1st column).  This was mentioned in an earlier reply, and
it is crucial!

> org $F000

^^ same here, insert some space(s) and just BEFORE that line include the
    SEG code

Without the above, you might be able to assemble, but you won't actually
generate any code (BIN).

I've checked these suggestions by changing my code so these statements are
like yours (or missing, like SEG) - and my program won't assemble,
either.... so I'm pretty sure these are your problems.

Your mnemonics (LDX, LDY, etc) do not need to be uppercase;  lowercase is
fine and (for me) more readable (eg: ldx, ldy, etc).

Hope this helps.

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