[stella] PAL VCS2600jr composite output

Subject: [stella] PAL VCS2600jr composite output
From: Tim Böscke <t.boescke@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 02:29:49 +0100

I am trying to get a composite PAL signal out of 
a VCS2600jr. So far I have found out, that the
PAL TIA pinout seems to be different from the NTSC
one. (LUM3 on Pin6)
In addition the component placing on the board 
is different to the NTSC version while the layout 
is the same. Therefore all the NTSC mods on the web
wont work. 

Maybe someone has a success story on this one ? :)

I am also looking for vcs 2600jr circuit diagrams 
as i have only been able to find 2600a diagrams on
the web.

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