[stella] Qb: Release candidate 2.09

Subject: [stella] Qb: Release candidate 2.09
From: "Andrew Davie" <adavie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 20:28:01 +1100
Very very frustrating day, but finally got it all packed in.
Attached, NTSC, STELLA, and PAL version of Qb 2.09.  Yet another release

Most embarassed about the missing scan lines in the last one - thanks again,
Eckhard.  Fixed, and I even checked it this time.  262 lines for NTSC, 312
for PAL.  Looks stable;  fingers crossed.  I also fixed the 'creature jumps
on the bottom row' extra-line bug.  This is basically where - depending on
how much code I add/remove - a branch crosses a page boundary and knocks the
kernel timing out of whack.

Part of my release process is now to examine the listing output and make
sure that every page boundary happens in a reasonable place.  I'm slowly
learning to check, check and double-check.

> to die, or I had to power cycle.  I found this pretty frustrating...it
> be very nice to be able to restart at will using the reset switch.

> You should plan to introduce some kind of skill level selection.

Well, these requests are now installed.  But it was quite difficult for me
to do, as I have/had practically no space, and this addition took more than
what I had available.  However, I'll spare you the gruesome details.  Hit
the RESET button to start a new game (level 1) or the SELECT button to cycle
through the levels and start on any level (1-15... you'll have to do the
rest yourself :)  I managed to debounce both those switches using a single
bit of RAM - which was all I had available ;)

So, that's it guys.  Final version, right?  Too late to ask for anything
more.  I'm done.


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